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Changxing Leboom Lighting Product Co.,Ltd is one of the toppest Central air conditioning air supply system sanitizer in China.During these years of exporting , Changxing Leboom Lighting Product Co.,Ltd now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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With the increase of consumer demand for fresh food, higher quality requirements are put forward for fresh food safety. Leboom company research and development team, through continuous innovation, experiments, developed a series of specially products for commercial public space environmental disinfection, sterilization, purification products (The series has applied for a number of patent protection). The UVC deep ultraviolet and plasma generators are used to disinfect and purify the air in the environment through active multiple cycles of air

UVC deep ultraviolet light can quickly destroy the DNA and molecular structure of microbial cells in the air, resulting in microbial death. The positive and negative ions produced by the plasma generator produce a huge energy release in the air at the moment of positive and negative electricity counteract, realizing its sterilization effect, and the excess negative ions can still be achieved to eliminate smoke, dust, eliminate odor, improve the quality of air, and increase the content of negative oxygen ions in the air.

UVC deep UV air sanitizer, developed specifically for air quality in commercial spaces, Create a healthy and safe shopping environment. For supermarket fresh areas, food industry food preservation and cold chain links, to provide the overall disinfection, sterilization, elimination of odor solutions. Especially for fresh food has extended preservation time, to help businesses reduce food losses, increase economic benefits and prevent food safety incidents.

The characteristics of the air sanitizer:

1.          No UV leakage, a constant supply of fresh, safe and healthy air, for customers to create a healthy shopping environment.

2.          Rapid sterilization, the supermarket fresh area can extend the shelf life of food, reduce losses, improve economic efficiency.

3.          Sterilization, disinfection and purification of air are three-in-one, effectively saving space and reducing energy loss.

4.          Products using UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization module, high-power plasma generator, human-machine co-existence, more safe and efficient.

5.          Diversified product models to meet the needs of commercial spaces and public places in the installation process.

Product description:

1, UVC tube 4 pcs 30W, Philips ballast, Ultraviolet radiation wavelength 253.7nm, Radiation exposure(within 8CM)/2100uW/Cm2.

2,High-energy plasma tube, single power 55W, high-energy discharge to produce purification factors, tight outer light wavelength of 222nm

3,The total power of the whole machine is 230W/with fault alarm display light

4,the central air supply system, after 253.7m wavelength ultraviolet disinfection and plasma deodorization, to ensure that the air supply system aseptic and tasteless

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