Ultraviolet radiation bacteria killing
Ultraviolet radiation bacteria killing
Apr 28 2020
 Ultraviolet radiation bacteria killing

We are using UV lamp now are produce 253.7NM ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays is low energy electromagnetic radiation, it can product priming action. Ultraviolet rays to disinfecting can destroy DNA of virus, bacteria anCd other microorganism, make them lose reproductive ability and then kill them. Ultraviolet rays can sterilize widely with light, it can kill something include: Bacteria, spores, and fungi, including a variety of microorganisms.

 Ultraviolet rays to disinfecting must choose a correct wave length and also need a full time to disinfecting it. Ultraviolet penetration ability is poor, so must be exposure directly on the surface of the object, so it can kill the bacteria. As the ultraviolet ray can be too clear, transparent water, so can use to disinfecting the water which water provide to the factory.

In addition UV sterilization effect is affected by temperature (suitable for 20-40 degrees Celsius), humidity less 60%, suspended solids, organics, and so on.

Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human body, this kind of device is only applicable to no one in using.
 Ultraviolet rays to disinfecting on the surface of the object have special significance, such as: the surface of table in the food Containers and paper, clothing must be disinfected factory all can use ultraviolet lamp to disinfect. But ultraviolet penetration performance is poor, only can illuminate to kill microorganisms.

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