LEBOOM Air-cooled UV LED Curing Lamp
Leboom UV Technology is a professional manufacturer in providing UV LED solutions for commercial and industrial applications.Leboom’s products deliver maximum UV energy,high performance,and reliability for UV curing of inks,coatings and adhesives. Compared with traditional medium-voltage UV lights, UV LED lights have more advantages: long life (10,000 hours), energy saving (low power consumption), environmental protection (no mercury, no ozone emissions).
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1. Irradiance at UV Emitting Window:4W/cm2

2. Emitting Window:100x10mm

3. Total UV Power: up to 40W

4. Instant On/off: <5ms

Light Souce Setup

  • Input Data/DC Power Cable
  • Mating connector on cable

System Setup

The optional power supply available for the series light source is an open typeindustrial equipment intend for installation within enclosures supplied in the field. It must be mounted within an enclosure suitabley designed for specific enviromental conditions present and appropriately designed to prevent personal injury resulting from accessibility to energized parts.


laser printing, mucilage,resin curing; light curing on wood industry.


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Warnings and Safety

Make sure light source is mounted so material and operators in close proximity are protected from prolonged direct exposure. Also, mount the light source to ensure sufficient air flow.

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