Apr 24 2020
Nowadays the environmental protection is more attached importance. The traditional chemical dissolvant disinfection method has already recognized by people, which will result in many deleterious products remained. But if you use UVC lamps for disinfection, it's a kind of physical method, no deleterious products remained, less energy, easy maintenance. It is widely supplied in water treatment and air purification.

Regarding to this situation, the worldwide governments and regulators carried out the relevant standard to set the rules and guide the industry development.We will heavily introduce the German DGVW standard and American UVDGM manual.

DGVW standard was carried out in 1994, by German Gas & Drinking Water Association. Revised in 1997, updated in 2006 again. The core thought is: the most of causative agent exposed in the 40mJ/cm2 of UVC environment, which can not exsit. So the UV system should be not under this numerical value in any case.

DGVW defined microbes inspection detailedly.In the rules, the system should install at least one pcs of stationary UV sensor to monitor the status of UV radiation continuously in order to ensure the figure is not under the standard minimum one. The newest standard unified the UV sensor model numbers even more.

Due to DGVW standard is short of the description that is aimed at the different causative agent's tolerance by UV dose. If some causative agent UV tolerance is much less than 40mJ/cm2, we design and build system on the basis of this standard that will give rise to unnecessary waste and investment increase.

These two regulations take effect to the spreading and application of UV technology in the world. The influence power of them breaks through the national boundaries.The purpose is to apply itself to safeguard the public drinking and washing. But due to the guidance fundamentals are different, so the incipient investment and operating cost are much different.
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